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Young Musicians Program (YMP) 2018 - Festival Week Composers Forum III

by The Walden School

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We walk through life With weights on our shoulders We breathe secrets Our pockets are filled with lies Who put up these walls the darkness in these crowded halls The notes that people pass and no one ever fights back Humans are haunted This wasn’t what I wanted Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will always hurt more plastic teardrops on thick skin a heart made of glass can easily shatter
Maya told me ‘bout this place, It’s name is Walden. It’s the type of place where Silence ain’t golden. Apart from when we’re chilling at the rock. Better be there 9 o’clock, Or everyone will be in shock, yah. When we don’t hear your number… It’s the middle of the summer And we all having a blast Better enjoy every second, ‘Cause you know that it won’t last. It will all be in the past Pretty soon. In my room, It’s Arturo And he boom. Every time he hit the software, All the pretty people zoom Onto him. Though that’s another topic of discussion. I’m here to talk about here. So, please open your ears and listen very carefully. You see, They told me I would not have wifi for a solid 5 weeks At that moment man I freaked, Cuz usually I am a geek. But I realized that it is ok, ‘Cause either darn way I’m having fun every single moment of the darn day. Man it’s great… You can really feel the love, Until that very last moment when we are all sharing hugs. … And since we talking ‘bout love Old school got some. (←shoutout to Terry-“Old school got love”)
i. too late i wish i knew who you once were i wish i knew your games i wish i knew what you’ve been through i wish i knew your pain ii. willpower the sun has gone fading colors disappear we walk alone the madness is near far away i’m watching my tears fall into pools i shouldn’t be here wanting i guess i’m just another fool
I’m dancing in the rain feel it pour upon my skin But it fills my lungs and I start to drown Swept off my feet again I’m singing in the shower taste the droplets on my tongue but it consumes me and my voice gets weak swept off my feet again Bridge: And I know that we can’t always get out way when thunder crashes and lightning strikes I lose myself all over again Chorus: Show me a hideout Where I can swim so deep I won’t drown ‘cause You’ll be there I’m not scared anymore I’m high up in the clouds can’t feel the ground below but I lose control and I can’t float I’m just falling down again I’m laughing in your arms feel the burning in my chest But you start to fade And I can’t explain the way I feel I’m just falling down again Time ticks on And this moment is just a flicker Time ticks on am I dreaming or is this real…


Festival Week Composers Forum III

Marcos Balter & Alex Christie, moderators

Wednesday, August 1, 2018
7:30 pm
Louise Shonk Kelly Recital Hall
Dublin School
Dublin, New Hampshire

Tonight’s composers forum was dedicated to Dr. Arno P. and Ruth L. Drucker.


released October 23, 2018


all rights reserved



The Walden School Dublin, New Hampshire

Founded in 1972, the Walden School is an acclaimed summer music school and festival, offering programs that emphasize creativity through musicianship, improvisation, and composition. Our programs include the Young Musicians Program (9-18) and the Creative Musicians Retreat (18+). Set in beautiful New Hampshire, Walden provides an inspiring retreat-like environment ideal for creative music making. ... more

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