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Young Musicians Program (YMP) 2019 Choral Concert

by The Walden School

I've been in the storm so long, I've been in the storm so long, children, I've been in the storm so long, Oh give me little time to pray. Oh let me tell my mother how I come along, Give me little time to pray; With a hung down head an’ a achin’ heart, Oh, give me little time to pray. Oh when I get to heaven I’ll walk all about, Give me little time to pray. Dere’ll be nobody dere to turn me out, Give me little time to pray. (Traditional)
Super flumina Babylonis illic sedimus et flevimus, cum recordaremur Sion. By the waters of Babylon, there we sat and wept, when we remembered Zion. (Psalm 137:1-2)
Paths of Stone and Water: I. Shir Moledet Shir moledet: Hakarat hamayim shel hasviva matchila bad’ma’ot. Lif’amim ani ohev mayim, lif’amim even. Achshsav ani note chesed yoter la’avanim. Ach ze asui l’hishtanot. A homeland song: Familiarity with local waterways begins with tears. Sometimes I love water, sometimes stone. Currently I’m more inclined to favor stone. But this could change. –Yehuda Amichai (#33 from “Songs of Zion the Beautiful”, translation: Elana M. Messer)
I went to my river but my river was dry The dust rose up to a darkened sky Tell me, where is hope? Where do the waters run clear? I do not know my way from here. Come and stand in that river Current gentle and slow Send your troubles down water Down on that water flow When you stand in that river Angels sing in your head Secrets beyond every worry Dreams beyond every dread Tell me sister, brother, Where does that river flow? It flows down to that great water Where soon my people will go. bridge: Oh, time passes Passes on down the stream Some days are so much sweeter Some days some pass like the dark dream –Moira Smiley
Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen, ich fahr dahin mein Strassen im fremde Land dahin. Mein Freud ist mir genommen, die ich nit weiß bekommen, wo ich im Elend bin. Innsbruck, I must leave you For I am traveling the road to a foreign land. (There,) deprived of my joy and knowing not how to get it back, I will be in misery. Groß Leid muss ich jetzt tragen, das ich allein tu klagen dem liebsten Buhlen mein Ach Lieb, nun lass mich Armen im Herzen dein Erbarmen daß ich muss von dannen sein. I am burdened with great sorrow which I can shed only through the one dearest to me. O my love, leave me not bereft of compassion in your heart that I must part from you. Mein Trost ob allen Weiben, Dein tu ich ewig bleiben Stet treu, der Ehren fromm. nun muss dich Gott bewahren, in aller Tugend sparen, bis daß ich wieder komm! My comfort above all other women, I remain yours forever, always faithful, in true honor. And now, may God protect you, safe in virtue, till I return. –Anonymous
Vidi speciosam sicut columbam ascendentem desuper rivos aquarum: Cuius inaestimabilis odor erat nimis in vestimentis eius. Et sicut dies verni, flores rosarum circumdabant eam, et lilia convallium. I saw the fair one rising like a dove above the streams of water: whose priceless fragrance clung to her garments. And as on a spring day, she was surrounded by roses and lily-of-the-valley. (8th-century Marian Responsories)
Hushed, grey, a tall cathedral, washed in faint morning light. Day breaks through darkened windows, brushing away the night. Light through windows Light through stained-glass windows Tales cast and retold in shades of scarlet Silver, sky-blue, sea-green, sage Sun-dappled rose, russet and gold Revelation in the nave Light through windows Light through stained-glass windows On a lectern lie scores of sacred music Neumes, breves, calligraphy Rimmed in red, glistening with gold, Recitation on the page Gold on parchment Gold on ecru parchment Light floods the floor as Sunbeams stream in, Cascading ‘cross stone walls, Arches, apse and pillars glow Lux Aeterna O Light through windows Silver, sky-blue, sea-green, sage Light through stained-glass windows Like a manuscript gilded, the church is resplendent. Stories and windows illumined. —Caroline Mallonée
Is this then the night of Power Or merely your hair, Is it the dawn-break, or your radiance? In Beauty’s divan Is it an eternal first line? Or just a couplet transcribed from your inky eyebrow? Is this rose-breath (oh is it rose-breath) Or your ambrosial perfume? Is it the tuba tree in paradise (in paradise) Or your elegant, empathic stature? Is it a cypress grove? Mongolian musk? A chalice of the red wine of dawn-tide? Ambergris? Is this scorching lightning, Or fire from Mt. Sana'i? An earthly paradise, Or Heaven’s garden? Is it your hyacinth curl (hyacinth curl)? Your Narcissus-eye? My own burning sigh? Everyone turns to pray at a man-made shrine My soul is a shrine And it turns towards your face. (English paraphrase by Kati Agócs of Bibi Hayati: Ghazal #96, originally in Farsi)
Ose Shalom 03:43
Ose shalom bimromav Hu ya'aseh shalom aleinu v'al kol Yisrael V'imru: amen. May the one who creates peace on high Bring peace to us and to all Israel. And let us say: Amen. (Jewish liturgy, adapted from Job)
Bring me little water, Silvy, Bring me little water now, Bring me little water, Silvy, Every little once in a while Bring it in a bucket, Silvy, Bring it in a bucket now, Bring it in a bucket, Silvy, Every little once in a while Silvy come a runnin', Bucket in my hand I will bring a little water Fast as I can Can’t you see me comin’ Can’t you see me now I will bring a little water Every little once in a while Bring me little water, Silvy, Bring me little water now, Bring me little water, Silvy, Every little once in a while – Huddie Ledbetter
Pater Noster Pater noster qui es in coelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum; adveniat regnum tuum, fiat voluntas tua, sicut in coelo et in terra. Panem nostrum cotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra, sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. et ne nos inducas in tentationem sed libera nos a malo. Amen. Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen. (Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4; Jewish origins) Seigneur, je vous en prie Seigneur, je vous en prie, que la force brûlante et douce de votre amour absorbe mon âme et la retire de tout ce qui est sous le ciel, afin que je meure par amour de votre amour puisque vous avez daigné mourir par amour de mon amour. Lord, I beg Thee, let the burning and gentle force of Thy love pervade my soul and withdraw it from all that is beneath Heaven, that I might die through love of Thy love, since Thou didst deign to die through love of my love. – St. Francis of Assisi
gao shan qing jian shui lan a li shan de gu niang mei ru shui ya a li shan de shao nian zhuang ru shan a li shan de gu niang mei ru shui ya a li shan de shao nian zhuang ru shan gao shan chang qing jian shui chang lan gu niang he na shao nian yong bu fen ya bi shui chang wei zhuo qing shan zhuan The high mountain is green, the valley water blue. The girl on A-Li Mountain is as beautiful as the water. The boy in A-Li Mountain is as strong as the mountain. The high mountain is always green, the valley water always blue. The girl and the young man will never part. The blue waters will flow around the mountain forever. —Deng Yu-ping
Blue Skies 04:05
Blue skies Smiling at me Nothing but blue skies Do I see Bluebirds Singing a song Nothing but bluebirds All day long Never saw the sun shining so bright Never saw things going so right Noticing the days hurrying by When you're in love, my how they fly Blue days All of them gone Nothing but blue skies From now on Never saw the sun shining so bright Never saw things going oh-so right Noticing the days hurrying by When you're in love, my how they fly Blue days All of them gone Nothing but blue skies From now on – Irving Berlin
Otro tal misacantano Quiçá no veréis ogaño. Quien le ve ansí mansico Bien piensa qu’es muy borrico. Pues yo de él os certifico Que sabe más de un engaño. La forma de su beber No se puede ya creer. Bebe más que botiller Ni françés ni italiano. Miralde cuán mesurado Está el cuero empezgado. Pareçe asno alquilado Qu’está en siesta el verano. Just another such cleric Maybe you won’t see it right away. Those who see him as docile Might as well think he is quite innocent. Thus, of him I certify That he knows more than one trick. The manner of his drinking Is not believable anymore. He drinks more than a taverner Neither French nor Italian. Look at how cautious The tanned leather is. It looks like a hired donkey That naps during the summer (Anonymous)
La, la, la, je ne l'o… je ne l'o… je ne l'ose dire. La, la, la, je le vous dirai, et la, la, la, je le vous dirai. Il est un homme en not' ville qui de sa femme est jaloux. Il n'est pas jaloux sans cause, mais il est cocu de tout. La, la, la… Il n'est pas jaloux sans cause, mais il est cocu de tout. Il aprete et si la mene au marché s'en va a tout. La, la, la… La, la, la, shouldn't tell, Shouldn't tell, shouldn't tell it to you La la la, I'll tell you anyway Oh la, la, la, I'll tell you anyway In our town there is a man, who Burns with jealousy of his wife He's not jealous without cause, She flirts incessantly La, la, la… He's not jealous without cause, She flirts incessantly He takes her over to the market When she's there she makes most free La, la, la… (Anonymous)
Cuando el Rey Nimrod al campo salia mirava en el cielo y en la estreyeria vido luz santa en la giudería que havía de nacer Avraham Avinu. Avraham Avinu, Padre querido Padre bendicho luz de Israel. La mujer de Terach quedo preñada y de dia en dia el le preguntava ¿De que tenex la cara tan demudada eya ya savía bien que tenía. When King Nimrod went out into the field, He looked up to the heavens and all of the stars He saw a holy light in the Jewish quarter Our father, Abraham, was to be born. Abraham, our father, our dear father, Blessed father, light of Israel. After Terakh’s wife became pregnant, He would ask her from time to time: Why do you look so different? Only she knew what a wonderful thing she had. (Traditional)
Ave Maria 06:44
Angelus Domini nuntiavit Mariae, Et concepit de Spiritu sancto. Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum, Benedicta tu in mulieribus Et benedictus fructus ventris tui, Jesus. Maria dixit: Ecce ancilla Domini, Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum. Et verbum caro factum est Et habitavit in nobis. Sancta Maria, mater Dei, Ora pro nobis peccatoribus Nunc et in hora mortis nostrae. Amen. The angel of the Lord declared unto Mary, and she conceived by the Holy Spirit. Hail Mary, Full of grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Behold the handmaid of the Lord: be it unto me according to thy word. The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now, and at the hour of our death. Amen. (Based on Luke I: 26-38 and John I:14)


Choral Concert: Homeland
Sarah Riskind, conductor

Friday, August 2, 2019
7:30 pm
Louise Shonk Kelly Recital Hall
Dublin School
Dublin, New Hampshire

This concert was dedicated to Arno and Ruth Drucker.


released October 8, 2019


all rights reserved



The Walden School Dublin, New Hampshire

Founded in 1972, the Walden School is an acclaimed summer music school and festival, offering programs that emphasize creativity through musicianship, improvisation, and composition. Our programs include the Young Musicians Program (9-18) and the Creative Musicians Retreat (18+). Set in beautiful New Hampshire, Walden provides an inspiring retreat-like environment ideal for creative music making. ... more

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